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DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit/Refresh Kit

Urban Evergreen Sustainable Goods

DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit/Refresh Kit

$ 18.00
Make 3 - 8 beeswax wraps From *Your own* amazing fabric (about 1/4m in total) This little everything-you-need kit for is you crafty types who love to DIY, you love to try something new, and are proud of the things you create. Feel great about doing a little something for the environment, and have fun being a bit crafty at the same time! Included: 1 Urban Evergreen Mini Beeswax wrap, for reference, and for use, of course! (A perfect Jar Topper) 60g (approx.) 4 hex pucks of Saskatchewan Beeswax, pre-infused with my own formula of Jojoba Oil and Pine Rosin 1 paintbrush 1 sheet of parchment paper Instructions Positive vibes. You got this!

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