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Cotton Cord Zero Waste 4 Mm - 1 Single Strand - Pale Pink


Cotton Cord Zero Waste 4 Mm - 1 Single Strand - Pale Pink

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Composition: recycled cotton

Weight: 5 Lb - 2.3 Kg ± 5% Diameter: 4 mm - 0.16 inch Perfect for Macrame / Weaving: This is a very versatile string for macrame, perfect for softer detailing. If you’re looking for an adorable macrame boho look, that’s a great choice because it unravels beautifully. Our best-selling cotton string is available in so many unique colors! The highest quality upcycled cotton cord in the market, made from cotton fabrics from the garment industry. To get the color, we don’t dye the fiber, we choose similar color garments, we break down the fabric to cotton fiber again and then we spin the fiber to create the cotton thread.  With this manufacturing process, we can reduce the water usage in half and reduce very significantly the CO2 emissions. By choosing this cotton cord, you are helping eliminate waste that will otherwise end up in our landfills.

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