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Basics Embroidery Kit by The Comptoir

The Comptoir

Basics Embroidery Kit by The Comptoir

$ 35.00

"This project is born after many introductory workshops I did for beginners.

After trying many ways to give to my students all my secrets and tips to start embroidery, I created this template.

This kit is fitting for beginners or if you want to discover more stitches. You are going to learn how to make ten embroidery stitches. You will find all explanations you need in this booklet."

About this kit

This kit is to make one embroidery.

You will learn and improve your embroidery skills in making two different kinds of stitches: line stitches and more ornamental stitches.

In this kit

This embroidery kit includes:

  • one 5″ embroidery hoop
  • one printed template on cotton fabric
  • one needle
  • 5 different colors of embroidery floss

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