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Calyx smock Pattern --- Pattern Fantastique

Pattern Fantastique

Calyx smock Pattern --- Pattern Fantastique

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The Calyx Smock (Pattern #104) is named after a part of the flower where petals and fruit form.
Finely balanced between the decorative and utilitarian, the idea for this smock emerged from the memory of my mother’s hairdressing apron she wore in the late 70's combined with the handmade gathered smock she dressed me in at the same time.

The Calyx Smock is suitable for many woven fabrics.
From fine sheer light-weight silks for a full floaty romance to mid-weight denim paired with a Glacial Skivvy when winter layering is needed.
DO NOT USE fabrics too thick to bind after gathering ie thick denim, jumbo cord, and coat weight fabrics.

Sized from 6-18

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