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Prom Dress Project

Three Little Birds Sewing Co.

Prom Dress Project

$ 250.00

In this class you will design, pattern and construct your own couture prom dress! This class is open to anyone wanting to have a unique and personalized formal dress. Please note that this class allows 1 to 2 students at a time, perfect for you and a friend!

Whats Included:

-Sewing Machine/Serger use

-Sewing notions


We welcome material brought in by students!

The project is broken into 5 classes, with each class 3 hours long

Class 1:
-Design dress
- Fabric selection
-Construct flats 
-Construct pattern
Class 2:
-Start or finish pattern-cut muslin
-Cut muslin to fit pattern
-Construct muslin
-Fit muslin/alter
-Finish fitting and altering muslin
-Deconstruct muslin to cut out of garment material
-Cut material
-Start construction
Class 4 & 5:
-Garment construction
Skills Learned 
-patterning, fitting a muslin, closures, seam finishes (serger or bias finish), hemming, couture construction techniques
Prerequisite Skills:
- Intermediate sewing, *We recommend taking our intro classes to introduce you to our machines and to assess skill level
**Student and Instructor will modify the design if time will not permit or to adjust to skill level of student

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