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Create Your Own Fat Quarter Pack-- Set of 6

Three Little Birds Sewing Co.

Create Your Own Fat Quarter Pack-- Set of 6

$ 15.00
Isn't it hard to choose just 1 fabric?? Well, in this pack, you'll get to create your very own set of 6 Fat Quarters.

What is a Fat Quarter? It is a 1/4 yard of fabric, cut wide. Generally a 1/4 yard measures 9" x 45", whereas a Fat Quarter measures 18" x 22".

Fat Quarters are perfect for quilting, small sewing projects, and much, much more!

Please choose your 6 fabrics from the list below. Fabrics are listed from Left to Right, Top to Bottom and coordinate with the first picture listed.

- Zephyr in Cobalt by Rashida Coleman Hale
-Petit Plus
-Turquoise Tile
-Colibri Coral-- Honeymoon by Sarah Watts
-Palm Purple- Honeymoon by Sarah Watts
-Morning Dew- Honeymoon by Sarah Watts
-Chesire Feathers- Wonderlandia by Katarina Roccella
-Wonderlandia Fondant- Wonderlandia by Katarina Roccella
- Your Timid Heart-- Wonderlandia by Katarina Roccella
-Wallpaper Harvest-- Bound by April Rhodes
-Path Marker Slate-- Bound by April Rhodes
-Metallic Gray--Cotton + Steel Basics
-Frolic in Coral-- August by Sarah Watts
-Black and White Pencils-- Study Hall by Alexia Abegg
-Christmas Forest White-- Tinsel by Rashida Coleman-Hale
-Ornament Metallic Teal-- Tinsel by Melody Miller
-Cheers Pink-- Tinsel by Melody Miller
-Snow Globes in Teal--- Tinsel by Alexia Marcelle Abegg
-Crossthread Pure-- Imprint by Katarina Roccella
-Morse Dot Blu-- Imprint by Katarina Roccella
-Maze Clarity-- Imprint by Katarina Roccella
-Haunted Forest Lilac---Spellbound by Sarah Watts
-Moon Cat Gray---Spellbound by Sarah Watts
-Skull Dot Metallic Black---Spellbound by Sarah Watts
-Pyrography North, Wood Palette --- Artisan
-Intertwill Fervence, Denim Palette --- Artisan
-Arrows on Coral Pink-- Mustang by Melody Miller
-Painting Celebration-- Bound by April Rhodes
-Coming Home Spring-- Bound by April Rhodes
-Macrame Cave-- Bound by April Rhodes

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