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Adult Summer Camp with Stitch & Rivet --- Leather Satchel

$ 300.00

***New Date added for August!*******

In this full day session with Stitch & Rivet, we will be making a hand stitched
leather bag. On day one, we'll focus on patterns, layout, cutting out our projects,
and prepping the pieces. On the second day we will begin construction and hand
stitching. On our final day, we will work to finish the bags and if time allows make
something with our scrap leather. *if it does not look like you are going to finish
your project in the three days, we will work to set-up your pieces so you can
finish at home.

If you do not feel confident making your own pattern, or want a starting place,
you can use a commercial pattern as suggested, or purchase a class kit from
Stitch & Rivet that will include a pattern, hardware, and links to specific leathers
suitable for your project.

Camp is intended to be a fun, relaxing experience while spending time with other
makers. And just like the summer camps of your misspent youth, there will be
games, crafts, and badges. We will break for approximately an hour each day for
lunch -- students often like to go visit the local restaurants and sit outside. Light
refreshments and snacks throughout the day are included. 

This is a very ambitious schedule and it meant to be a rough guide for those who
would like a more structured option. We would suggest if you'd like to get through your project to completion that you come to camp with your bag already designed with measurements indicated, or you opt to use one of the patterns provided by Katie.

Skill Level: Students should be comfortable swinging a hammer, using a rotary
cutter or scissors, standing and/or bending over for extended periods of time, and
have good hand dexterity and hand strength. This workshop may not be suitable
for people with noise sensitivities because of the noise created by hammering
holes into leather. There are no sewing machines used in this summer camp, and
you do not need experience with leather work or hand stitching.

What you'll need:

Supplies are not included. Class Kit available for purchase through the Stitch & Rivet site here: If you would like a list of supplies to purchase on your own, please send us an email to

Supplies Provided:

Tools for use:
Pattern cardstock
Hand stitching needles in a size 517-1 (for use with Maine thread co size .030)
hole punches for rivets and hardware
pricking irons for hand stitching in a size 5mm

• if you prefer a different size, you can purchase them from Weaver Leather Supply
or many other leather working supply websites
Wing dividers for marking seam allowances
• Mallets and pounding mats for making holes
• Edge beveler in a variety of sizes and styles
• Strap skivers for thinning small sections of leather
• Burnishing wheels and cloths
• Paper scissors for cutting out patterns
• Small rulers for lay-out
• Thread snips
• Lighter for burning thread ends
• Safety pins to hold stitching in alignment
Consumables for use:
Water based adhesive for seams
Tokonole edge finisher
Beeswax and edge wax

Optional Supplies you might want to bring:

  • A cutting mat. We will have some at the workshop for you to use, but some people prefer their own.
  • Binder clips. We will have some at the workshop for you to use, but some people may prefer bringing their own.
  • A French curve or hip curve ruler, we will have some at the workshop for you to use, but some people may prefer their own.
  • A stitching pony. This is not necessary, but some people may find it easier to have this tool to hold your leather for you as you stitch.

Traveling from out of town:

Three Little Birds Sewing Co is located in the Arts District of Hyattsville. We are in close proximity to College Park, MD and Northeast DC. If you need suggestions about lodging and transportation, send us an email and we'd be happy to help!

    Class policy: Summer camp is NON-REFUNDABLE unless your spot can be filled by another student.

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